Learning how to box has had me feeling just a bit too cool, so I had to find a way to nerd it up.

Combo Caddy is a simple mobile-friendly website that shouts boxing combos at you, for heavy bag work or other training. Much like ResistorCalc, it is a simple single page Javascript website, with nothing fancy behind the scenes. There is still plenty of work to be done. Right now the boxing “coach” is just myself doing a gruff voice into a headset microphone.

ComboCaddy Screenshot

So far this project has been a fun journey into the quirks of iOS HTML5 audio support. Apple’s phones will only play audio if it was directly triggered by a user action. This means I need to reuse the same Javascript audio object by swapping out the source when needed. Unfortunately, iOS also seems incapable of caching more than one audio file at a time, so every time I swap the source, the file is fetched from the network, causing some extra delay. The solution to this will be to use an audio sprite, something I will get to if I add a more “professional sounding” voice coach :).