Pace Your Cash is a basic budgeting application. It lets you set up monthly budgets for whatever categories you like. As you spend money, you add each transaction to the appropriate category. One cool feature is a bar chart that shows how much money you should have spent so far, if you were to spend your budget evenly throughout the month. This is a way for you to mentally “pace” yourself, thus the name of the app.

ComboCaddy Screenshot

The app is just a basic Rails stack, running on Heroku. Nothing too fancy! My goal was to make a budgeting tool I would use day to day, and expand it if it was working for me. So far, so good! I’ve been using it consistently for 3 months. While there are plenty of very similar budgeting apps out there, something about using my own has helped me be a little bit more conscious about my spending.

Update - I discovered a great iOS app with a very similar concept, called Pennies. Definitely check it out!