I’ve finally finished making a series of large changes to ResistorCalc.net, my simple Javascript resistor color code calculator. The biggest changes are behind the scenes. I re-wrote the majority of the resistor conversion code, added a lot more functionality, and packaged everything up into a Resistor prototype. This more cleanly separates the business logic from the code that wires it all up to the UI. I also fixed some minor CSS issues. Styling should now be more consistent across mobile devices.

Resistor Screenshot Desktop

Resistor Screenshot Mobile

With this update comes some features! The application now supports five band resistors, and can even convert between four and five band. It now works offline, thanks to ApplicationCache support. I would have liked to use the Service Worker API, but it’s not supported in most mobile browsers yet. The final new feature, and a personal favorite, is the ability to tell you the nearest real-world resistor value comparable to the one you entered.

I believe that this tool is now one of the more feature complete resistor calculators out there.