One month ago, I released my first iOS game, Endless Archery! The game is an expanded version of my Pico-8 version of the game.

Endless Archery

The game is fairly simple at its core. You shoot arrows over procedurally-generated terrain, trying to hit a small target area. Once you hit the target, the game scrolls to reveal more terrain, and your next target.

This was a complete rewrite of my original Pico-8 game. I rewrote the game for the Love2D game framework, which uses the Lua programming language, just like Pico-8. That made some aspects of the rewrite simpler, though for the most part I did not reuse much code. I added many new features, including different themed environments, statistics tracking, a scoring system, achievements, online leaderboards, and completely overhauled graphics.

Endless Archery was both my first iOS project, and my first commercially released game! I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my game development skills, and to hopefully release another game in 2019.